Do you offer any vegan / gluten free options?

We’re proud to offer several milk alternatives: Almond, Coconut + Oat.

For gluten-free customers, we have gluten-free bread and we carry Lucy B’s Gluten Free Oat Bar + Lucy B’s Gluten Free Brownie.

For vegans, we have avocado toast and a house-made vegan peanut butter cookie.

Where do you get your baked goods?

Most of our baked goods are made in-house by our baker.

We also offer All Crumbs pretzel croissants, Lucy B’s Gluten Free bars + Debhouse shortbread cookies.

Tell us about your milk.

Our milk: Arps.

Arps is located in Defiance, Ohio.

“All of our Arps Dairy milk comes from an Arps Dairy family farm located with 30 miles of our creamery. Our family farmers, many of which are multi-generational family farmers, are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in animal care, dairy quality and sustainability. Sourcing from local family producers is a strategic decision Arps Dairy made by our founder, George Arps in 1936, and is a practice we continue to this day.”


We’re proud to offer Actual Coffee, roasted right here in Perrysburg, as our espresso and our house blend. We bring in featured roasters from around the country. Right now: Onyx Coffee Lab.